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The Demon Inside

Updated: May 10, 2020

Screaming silent voices arguing in my mind, speaking in tongues unknown to me. They seem to be calling for something, but I don’t know how to answer. There’s only so much you can do to silence the demon. Five strong doses of medication feeds its ravenous appetite, but it seems to cry for more.

… Hush my child, the pain will cease…

Don’t believe the lies he feeds you. His plan is total control. Sometimes the fight seems endless, impossible to win. His ability to convince you of worthlessness and weakness is fiercer than anything you’ve ever faced. You’ll do anything to push it away.

… Give in. Give up. Rest easy my dear…

Sleepless nights in the arms of the demon, as he whispers in your ear a bitter song you’ve heard too many times before.

… One shot…

He seems to multiply. More voices appear, each echoing the same words. They call for you to cross over. To join them in the shadows of your mind. To become lost from all reality, everything you’ve ever known starts to fade.

… Peace lies on the other side...

No matter what, you must keep fighting. You cannot give in to any temptations. He speaks no truths and only knows the evil of his own world. Block out his voice and fight with all your being. Soon the battle will end. You see, once you turn your back on him, he’ll soon disappear. And in the end you realize…the demon has always been you.

©2020 by Danielle Cooper

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