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I’m a writer. You’ll find notebooks filled with nonsense scattered throughout my home. A freshly sharpened pencil is better than a rich chocolate cake. Language itself is fascinating to me. I love the way words look and sound. Or the way certain words bounce off my lips, like the word bubble. I love the way a pen glides across the paper, fresh ink. I have more red pens in my purse than dollar bills. I edit my friends’ research papers for fun.

I love seeing a story come to life, seeing a simple idea grow into something more, like a seed into a flower. My favorite pastime is sitting behind my computer and confessing secrets to pages before me. Confiding to the page my dreams, thoughts, and hidden fantasies, twisting it to create a story. My purpose is to make the reader feel the same as I. To be so wrapped up in my story that they create a bond with the characters.

I get lost in the moment and can write for hours. It's like a different world. A place where my anxiety doesn't exist, there isn't a care in my mind. It's all because of the joyous hours spent with my fingers dancing across the keyboard, and my thoughts flooding the page.

I offer several writing and tutoring services based out of the Boston, MA area or remotely. For more information, please visit the freelance services section.



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